Whitneyville Bible AWANA Program

Wednesday evenings, September - April from 6:30 to 8:20 PM



AWANA Registration Form:


Awana is based on a phrase from II Timothy 2:15, Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.


The focus of Awana is to teach boys and girls Bible truths. Today’s children are confronted with difficult decisions. Awana’s Bible-based program seeks to establish them on a firm biblical foundation that will provide guidance for many of the challenges they face. Each clubber is very special to us and to God. Awana provides an opportunity for your child to establish and grow in his/her relationship with God. Through team cooperation and individual achievement, Awana promotes the building of self-esteem and good relationships with others.




AWARDS: Each Clubber has the opportunity to earn various awards. Most of these awards are worn on the uniform. Ribbons, plaques and trophies are given for the completion of one or more handbooks. Each child is allowed to work at his/her own pace and is helped and guided by a caring leader.


POINTS: Commander, directors, and leaders may reward excellent behavior or extraordinary achievements to clubbers to add there weekly club points. Clubbers will be able to use there points at the Awana Store to buy a special gift of there choice. Check the calendar to see what weeks the store is open.


ATTENDANCE AWARDS: Clubbers are given awards for regular attendance in club and Sunday School (in your own home church, if you have one, or our own Sunday School ministry)


UNIFORMS: The Awana uniform is a vital part of Awana. It helps the clubber feel like a part of the club and is the place where most awards are displayed. Uniforms may be purchased after the Clubber has finished his/her entrance booklet. Each child should wear the complete uniform each night.


SNOW DAYS: If Caledonia Community Schools cancel due to weather conditions, on the day of Awana, then Awana will be cancelled. If there is a severe weather warning for Kent County past 5:30 pm then Awana is automatically cancelled. Please listen to Wood-TV 8 or WCSG for cancellation information.



Cubbies - Three and four year olds

Director: Julie Stoutjesdyk; Leaders: Megan Stoutjesdyk, Julia Stoujesdyk

Parents help the Cubbies each week to prepare their lessons, called Bear Hugs


Sparks - Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Leaders: Kindergarten: Michelle Devries, 1st Grade: Deb Wisniewski, 2nd Grade: Judy Hoebeke

Parents continue to give some assistance to the Sparks as they work on their sections


T&T - 3rd - 6th grade boys and girls

Leaders: 3rd Grade: Nick Dennison, 4th Grade: Donna Anderson and Krista Slagter, 5th Grade: Jackie Huntington

Clubbers work somewhat independently, but parental help is still welcome and encouraged




Awana Commander: Ben Weeber   (269) 908-3450 (home) / (616) 891-8661 (church) / (e-mail)

Director of Counsel Time: Ben Weeber

Awana Store: Nancy Carpenter

Awana Secretary: Lisa Weeber

Awana Meals: Kathy Kosters


AWANA Night Schedule:

6:30-6:35 Opening (All)

6:35-7:05 Sparks Games / T&T Handbook

7:05-7:35 Sparks Council Time / T&T Games

7:35-8:05 Sparks Handbook / T&T Council Time

8:05-8:15 Awards (All)